The factory

«Spetslit» JSC s a factory located in Kalujskiy region city of Sosensk, specialising in the investment casting. The factory was established in 1986 to provide high-quality investment casted products in a variety of specialized alloys for Aero-Space industry. The factory has been developing and expanding ever since. At present time it employs more than 180 people. The machinery is constantly modernized, which allows to fulfill customer demands on time and in high quality.

Акционерное Общество «СПЕЦЛИТ» - Завод точного литья по выплавляемым моделям

Significant improvements have been made in the recent years. The output has increased to 15 000 units monthly. The technologies have been adopted to allow production of any types of cast iron, including Ni-resist, Aluminum (2000 and 4000 series), steel, stainless steels, heat-resistant alloys (INCO713LC and Ni-based), all Bronze types, Co-based alloys, such as Stellite and others. The factory is capable of producing castings dimensionally similar to finished product to minimize the further machining cost and in some cases even eliminate the necessity of it. Such approach allows the customers to save significantly on further labor, production, the raw material and electricity. The casting may be performed in vacuum furnaces (50-160kg) or open induction furnaces (160-400kg), which allows the production of ingots and master-alloys in addition to investment-casting.

Many companies are currently looking for the domestically produced products to reduce the dependency on imported goods. The recent experience of the valves for the liquified cryogenic gasses being added to the production has proved that the production can be localized in short terms. The extensive tests and customer feedback has shown the quality to be at least on a par with the imported products.

  • 37 years
    of production
  • ISO 9001

«Spetslit» is outfitted with unique environmental equipment, which allows production of the Beryllium alloy products. There is an experience of BeAl alloys in particular.

The few of long-term customers are:

  • «Novomet» JSC,
  • «Borets» ltd (Oil pumping equipment),
  • «NPO Saturn» JSC (marine engines),
  • «National Institute of Aviation Technologies» JSC (Aerospace),
  • «TVEL» JSC (RosAtom),
  • «LGM» JSC,
  • «Zenit-foto factory» (medical applications),
  • «NPO Regulator» PJSC (valves) ,

We are always open to any mutually beneficial suggestions for cooperation!