Technical capabilities

«Spetslit» is capable of investment casting any types of cast iron, including Ni-resist, Aluminum, steel, stainless steels, heat-resistant alloys, all Bronze types, Co-based alloys, such as Stellite as well as alloys including Beryllium in quantities of 1,8-2,1% to be implemented in mechanical engineering, automotive, construction, oil & gas, rail transport, electrical equipment and aerospace industries.

The produced castings are dimensionally similar to finished product to minimize the further machining cost and in some cases even eliminate the necessity of it.

The factory is outfitted with a modern X-ray laboratory to study the internal integrity of the castings on demand of customer, as well as the spectrum-analyzing equipment to ensure the desired chemical composition is achieved.

Technical information on the investment casting capabilities:

  • Quality level (as of GOST 26645-85) - 5-8;
  • Maximum single steel casting weight 60kg;
  • Pouring angle (as of GOST 3212-80) - 1-2 Degrees;
  • Minimal thickness of casting walls 1,5mm;
  • Minimal radius between adjacent walls 1mm;
  • Surface roughness - 5 Rz;
  • Minimal radius of full-lenght apperture 2,5mm