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  • «Spetslit» JSC summary information
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  • Exhibition «Industrial potential of the Kalujskiy region. Innovative technologies. Business and investigational partnership» partaker certificate
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  • «Metall-Expo 2007» award — for «Professional presentation of products and services during 13th exhibition»
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  • «Metall-Expo 2008» award — for «Professional presentation of products and services during 14th exhibition»
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On 24th September 2008 «Spetslit’s» quality management in fields of pre-production engineering, production and shipping of the investment casting has been certified by the «Certifica-test». This certificate assures the factory is conducting work in accordance with the GOST and ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008) standards and obliges «Spetslit» to keep up to aforementioned standards. This has been controlled by «Certifica-test» with annual checks ever since.

  • «Spetslit» JSC certificate
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Since 24th September 2008 «Spetslit» has been licensed to apply the quality standard mark in accordance with voluntary certification system be the «Certifica-test». The license has been issued on the basis of Certificate № СТ/СМК/ОС01 RU № 02/14-00422 and stands up to date.

  • License «Sertifika-Test»
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